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We are Ben and Hattie, a creative husband and wife team making beautiful furniture and homeware with a focus on intuitive design.

Our Work



Designed, developed and made by us in Newbury. Shop our elegant, minimalist designs for your home.



Need some finishing touches for your space? Find the perfect addition in our growing collection of homeware.



Are you looking for a sustainable gift that will be cherished forever? Shop our curated gift collection here. tv stand.JPG tv stand 2.JPG

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About Us

We produce high quality, bespoke, sustainable furniture and homeware products for individuals and wholesale for small businesses, creating the perfect product for you. Our products include keyrings made from worn out sofas, elegant serving boards made from reclaimed wood that will enhance the look of any tasty display and an ever expanding range of beautiful furniture. We like to think of our products as useful art pieces as we focus on the aesthetics first, whether it is exploring shape and texture or enhancing the natural beauty of the materials. Following this we develop our concepts to incorporate innovative functional design based on client needs. These features are developed to improve the aesthetic rather than detract from it. This process creates elegant and functional pieces that are often also playful in design. Although, that might just be a bit of our personalities rubbing off on the pieces.

Services We Offer



Bespoke custom designs built for you and your space, made to solve your needs.



Complete the look and redecorate your space. We offer spray finishing of doors and furniture



Are you a local business? Would you like to stock our products in your shop?



Are you a business owner? Is there a product you want to sell or give to your clients or employees?

I used to be a sofa



Our primary focus is design, but very close second is sustainability. We work on a small and local scale to create products that meet needs and are built to last, products that you want to keep around, move house with and grow old with. We are far from perfect but we are trying our hardest and constantly looking for ways to improve. If you have any suggestions, please email us. We do not and will not greenwash, and throw money at inefficiently planting trees just to  say we are offsetting our use of wood. We instead look for ways to help the environment personally and opportunities to help local schemes in West Berkshire. 


We are currently focusing on reducing consumption before we try to offset it. When working with new materials (generally due to quantity demands for hardwood projects, time constraints or when sheet goods are required), we try to ensure that they are the most sustainable choice (opting for FSC-certified and  farmed closer), but without compromising the longevity of the product. We also make use of waste pieces, for example the plywood swing seats are made from pieces left over from making cabinetry. As much as possible, we opt for using reclaimed materials, including locally reclaimed oak and leather we remove from broken sofas before they are thrown away, as we believe using what you have got is always better than buying new. However, we don’t let this affect the quality or elegant aesthetic, with time and work, these materials can look as good as new to give them the longest life possible. 


Email us when you have a need for a product and we will make sure you get something that meets all your needs whilst looking irresistible.

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Let us introduce...



  Berkeley is a hardy and versatile piece of Birch plywood furniture, aptly receiving his title from the Old English origin of the name, ‘Birch wood’.


Work in Progress

An insight into our products coming soon

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Or contact us by email at we aim to respond to emails within 3 working days.
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