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Protect your laptop in style with this hand stitched reclaimed leather envelope style case, ideal for protecting against small bumps and scratches. We love the durability of these lightweight cases as they, well, just get better with age! The simple design makes them great for personalisation with a name or favourite quote. These are stamped into an aditional piece of leather which is then stitched on.

Leather has got a bad rap in the last couple of years due to concerns about animal welfare, but we think that our leather products are sustainable and ethical. All the leather we use has previously had a long life a sofa but, often after the sofa is falling apart the leather is still like new, so we liberate it from the landfill.

Laptop Envelope Case

Thread colour
  • Tan and Black cases fit laptops with width up to 35cm or circumference 70cm.

    Red cases fit laptops with width up to 32cm or circumference 64cm.

    The envelope style allows for a variation in further dimentions. If you are unsure your laptop will fit, feel free to message us.

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