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Our Story

Hello! Welcome to our website!

We are a creative husband and wife team who like to make things with whatever we can get our hands on. Through this website, we want to share a bit about us and our making processes alongside selling some of the products we make. We would love for you to join us on our journey.

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Ben and Hattie Newbury

Ben and Hattie both grew up in a small town in the UK called Newbury.

Ben and Hattie Newbury

Both their families attended the same church but Ben and Hattie’s paths didn’t really cross till they were teenagers attending the church youth group.

Ben Norman Art Newbury

They started dating a couple of weeks before Ben went off to Uni - not something either of them would recommend but, spoiler alert, it worked out.

Ben studied Fine Art at De Montfort University in Leicester, UK. This is where his interest in geometric design, mixed media and love of using materials with a history flourished.

Ben Norman Art Newbury

Two years later Hattie went off to Leeds University, UK to study Food Science.

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Another two years on, Ben graduated and Hattie decided to pause her studying to enable her to recover from anxiety and depression. That same year Ben and Hattie got married! Creating things together became an everyday adventure.

In September 2018 they both moved to Leeds for Hattie to complete her final year.


Ben started assisting a local carpenter before going on to start his own business. From the Day after her last exam Hattie joined Ben and the Ben and Hattie company was born.

They moved back to Newbury just after Hattie graduated and have been developing and growing their business ever since while settling down in this new season of life.

And their story continues with exciting announcements coming soon!

Keep up to date with what we are doing through our Instagram @benandhattie

Thank you for taking an interest in us and our story, we would love to get to know you too!! As we work on your project or send us an email if you would like to collaborate.

God bless,

Ben and Hattie x

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