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Calendar Templates - organise your year, your way.


Customisable month and week planner template set to help you organise your time in whatever way suits you. Colour code, bullet journal, list making, jot down quickly, keep it digital and have it on you all the time, without having to carry around a big heavy diary.


Mid 2022 I started designing these templates after a long search for calendars that suited me and the way I liked to organise my life (which often changes upon how busy the month is). I tried out many diaries, best of which was the Mum diary, which worked well for me while I was at university, but when I graduated in summer 2019 it just didn’t quite work with the way my life flowed. And then Covid came and I got less and less organised - probably … my mental capacity through that season. So after a mini quarter life crisis as I approached 25 I started trying to get my life back on track and created this template for my husband and I to use. Over the year I have made a number of changes, most prominently, the 2 designs to cover those who are list makers (like me) and those who prefer to jot notes (like Ben). We print a few month templates off every few months and plan the next 3 months at once. In addition to this, I like to make a week plan for the following week each friday as my life has less structure being full time self-employed. Give it a go and see if this will help you stay organised. Use it as a space to bullet journal beautifully or a space to scribble down your plans., see what works for you.

List Maker Template Set

    • This is a set of both month and week planner.

    • This is a digital download only, you can print as many copies as you would like. 

    • For personal use only.

    • We recommend printing all designs to A4.

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