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Small bags are so useful. Not just for makeup and toiletries, but also for tidying up your handbag or even as a pencil case. Although the leather will absorb water, it is naturally water resistant to some extent. We love how our leather products age.


The bags are hand stitched with re-loved leather.


Leather has got a bad rap in the last couple of years due to concerns about animal welfare, but we believe our leather products are sustainable and ethical. All the leather we use has previously had a long life a sofa but, often after the sofa is falling apart the leather is still like new, so we liberate it from the landfill.

Toiletry bag

PriceFrom £15.30
  • Small 13-14cm by 11-11.5cm by 4cm

    Medium 16cm by 13cm by 6cm

    Large 22cm by 13cm by 8cm 

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