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These are definitely not the most exciting or innovative product we have developed, but they do their job. This was the first product we tried out making out of the leather. Ben kept being asked for business cards at art galleries and events, and he never had any with him so we came up with an easy solution that would keep the business cards protected while fitting in a pocket easily. We ended up loving the minimalist design so we decided to take it one small step further by offering an alternative size for more cards. All our leather products are hand stitched with saddle stitch for durability.


Leather has got a bad rap in the last couple of years due to concerns about animal welfare, but we believe our leather products are sustainable and ethical. All the leather we use has previously had a long life a sofa but, often after the sofa is falling apart the leather is still like new, so we liberate it from the landfill.

Card Wallet

PriceFrom £9.00
  • Small 9cm by 7cm

    Large 10cm by 8cm

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