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Do you still use cash? Whether you do or not, I am sure we can agree that it is pretty useful to have some available. We developed this product to help us on our 'in your house' jobs. For smaller jobs we often get paid in cash still and we needed somewhere to collect it before we could take it to the bank. Now, we have a place for cash alongside a set of business cards. With 2 card slots and an open section for cash, this wallet has many uses whether you run a business like us, or just like to carry around cash and the odd card. 


Leather has got a bad rap in the last couple of years due to concerns about animal welfare, but we think that our leather products are sustainable and ethical. All the leather we use has previously had a long life a sofa but, often after the sofa is falling apart the leather is still like new, so we liberate it from the landfill.

Cash Wallet

  • While shut: H9cm X W18cm 

    While open: H16.5cm X W18cm

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